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    Manufacturing base:
    NO. 16, Guangtong Road, Longquan Town, Zichuan District, Zibo City, Shandong, China
    Oversea Sales:
    Tel: 86-532-86959667 Fax: 86-532-86760085
    E-mail: sales@changyuintl.com
    Domestic Sales:
    Tel: 86-533-5860002、86-533-5860039 Fax: 86-533-5860296
    E-mail: gtsales@changyuintl.com
    About Us

       Shandong Guangtong New Materials Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise deeply engaged in the field of zirconium materials and long carbon chain dibasic acids. It is located in two national strategic economic zones, a national industrial base, a national civilized city, and a famous historical and cultural city - Zibo.

       Guangtong now has a comprehensive processing capacity of 90,000 tons of zirconium products per year. It is a national manufacturing single champion demonstration enterprise. Its product production scale, process technology level, and product quality category are all at the world's leading level, and it is a world-class zirconium product manufacturer.

       Guangtong is the first company to use the technology of the Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences to produce long-carbon chain dibasic acid series products by fermenting petroleum n-alkanes, and it is also the first domestic manufacturer to realize industrialized production. The project won the "Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award" and "Top Ten Scientific and Technological Achievements Award of Shandong Province".

       The company's products are widely used in 5G communications, smart terminals, aerospace, medicine and medical care, new energy, advanced refractory materials and other fields, and the industry market has broad prospects. "Guangtong" brand high-quality products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe, and America. And other international companies to establish a solid cooperative relationship.

        The company has always adhered to market-oriented, scientific and technological innovation as its basis, environmental protection and safety as its own responsibility, integrity and dedication to create a brand, innovation as the driving force for development, standardized management, and continuous realization of leapfrog development. The company has passed ISO9001: 2008 international quality system certification, ISO14001: 2004 international environmental system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification and energy management system certification. The company has been recognized as "High-tech Enterprise in Shandong Province", "Harmonious Enterprise of Labor Relations in Zibo City", "Advanced Enterprise of Independent Innovation in Zichuan District" and other honorary titles.

       The company is based on science and technology, and has established a zirconium material research and development center, and has a number of research and development platforms such as academician workstations, provincial-level enterprise technology centers, and municipal-level engineering technology research and development centers. With the technical cooperation with the Institute of Microbiology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Dalian University of Technology and other scientific research institutes and cooperative units, Guangtong will further accelerate the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, realize the upgrading of the industrial chain, and enhance the development efficiency and Develop quality and forge ahead towards the goal of "creating value for society, creating benefits for customers, and creating happiness for employees".

       The development of the company is inseparable from the strong support and help of people from all walks of life at home and abroad. We are willing to sincerely cooperate with you to create a win-win situation.

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